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Yup All my work! None of it I'm ashamed of...yet XD

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This Mindless Zombie won't Sell Out
Im not sure if its the same for you guys, but to me, when I just sit down and draw, I feel extremely relaxed and like I am in my own personal space, and I become a bit like a zombie. Somtimes I like to listen to podcast and music, sometimes I just listen to nothing and just let my brain wander while I draw, somtimes I talk to people while I draw. Drawing is a very intersting and relaxing activity that doesn't require a lot of thinking, I'm pretty much on autopilot when I draw, like a mindless zombie, and I love it. I can't do that when I am writing or studying though, like how I am writing this journal, I can't put on a podcast and write at the same time, because I need attention to both for it to make sense, one mind cannot multitask two story driven activities. I duno, I find that interesting. Like how I can't read while having a conversation either, I am not sure if any human can actually? If you can, please let me know of your superpowers. I may wanna meet you, and steal your power
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 30 39
A simple guide on: Commissioning an Artist.
It's often not as simple as one wants it to be when both artist and client want it to be: Cost efficient, time efficient and quality efficient.
I've often spend my time discussing the best way to handle commissions with clients and artist friends that I came to the conclusion that clarity and understanding is key.
I will divide the guidelines I work with based on 3 commission types.
:bulletblue: Character commissions.
:bulletblue: Book covers ( or illustrations)
:bulletblue: Concept art.
Reading all 3 parts will give you the full scope as a lot of it applies to one another as well.

:bulletgreen: Character commissions.
:bulletblue: 1. Reference board.
If you as a client have very specific characteristic features all set and done for your character it can be very useful for the artist if you'd make them a reference board of art and photos that portray these things.
:bulletblue: 2. Personality.
The artist does not wish for a life story of your cha
:iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 249 31
Men when a woman cries :iconkawacy:kawacy 13,902 1,215 Life is beautiful - 1000 watchers! :icontea-hee:tea-hee 128 66


To be magnificent
I really wanted to get a more vintage feel with this painting :sleepy: I need to try different head angles with my next painting :lol:
Do you have a twitter account?
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2 deviants said I do, but I'm not telling you about it!
Show me some art with powerful emotions, either of yours, or something in your favorites! :la:

Post up to 3 thumbs and I'll check it out!
The Follower
Oh. My. God. Have you ever started making something, and halfway through, it just becomes out of control? This kind of happened here :lol:

This is a sequel to that comic I did in February  Happy Singles Awareness Day! by RAMWOC87

Usually when I'm bored, I'll make stupid stuff, I decided to start this while my battery slowly died last night, I was surprised at how long that battery lasted, but saving took for~eever

Probably the funnest part of this was making the mock twitter pages! I tried to make it look as authentic is possible :iconshaplz:

Hit the download button to see it in it's full size! It's pretty big tho
What's your speed?
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2 deviants said Run? I walk, I don't run!
1 deviant said I don't have legs :stare:
No deviants said I once outran Usain Bolt!

Do you have a twitter account? 

5 deviants said No!
4 deviants said Yes!
2 deviants said I do, but I'm not telling you about it!
CLOSED- Hello everyone! :wave: I realize I haven't really been uploading art lately. So sorry about that! But to make up for that, let me hold a giveaway for the community! :la:

1. Anyone can participate!
2. Fav this journal so you can have a number (If you don't, you won't be included! :()
3. Tell me your favorite pie flavor XP

1st: 100 points :points:
2nd: 100 points :points:
3rd: 100 points :points:
4th: 50 points :points:

Good luck everyone!!
1st: :iconthesixwarriors:
2nd: :iconkabeerk:
3rd: :iconfrozen-ice-tea:
4th: :iconnerdybiscuits105:

Congratulations to all of the winners

Shameless art promotion
Take my hand and we'll find our way back to beauty by RAMWOC87No one is immortal by RAMWOC87Don't even think about it by RAMWOC87That's not fair! by RAMWOC87Water animation2 by RAMWOC87

Giveaway ends on May 10th!
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It's almost time for the DD suggestion drive at :iconddsuggestiondrive: so, in honor of that :iconandorada: and :iconmouselemur: asked me why I love suggesting DDs! So here they are! :la: :iconrainbowlaplz: :la: :iconrainbowlaplz: :la:

1) Probably the most common reason :XD: I see something that I think is beautiful, or has a great message/story and I suggest it

2) I do it to show support to artists! Because if one of their deviations is accepted as a DD, that's the ultimate show of admiration and respect, right? ;P

3) It can make somebody's day/encourage them to keep making art! I always just love seeing someone react to receiving a DD! That's probably the best part of DD giving xD Making someone so happy that they cry, or showing them that hard work pays off is just beautiful

4) Helping someone grow! Sometimes a great artist doesn't have that many watchers :( So if I can get them featured on the front page and noticed by some users, then that's awesome xD

5) So I can spam CV's! Because who doesn't love that? ;P Most of it is directed at :icontimberclipse: and :iconkingmancheng:, You guys are awesome!! :XD: And now that the DD drive is coming up, I'm going to step up my
spamming sending game!

#5reasonsddlove! Okay guys, if you suggest DDs I would love if you made a journal explaining your 5 reasons too! And if you don't suggests DDs, you totally should, because it's something you won't regret doing! It's a great way of give back to the community too!

And some awesome sauce people who suggested DDs that I liked these past few days!:
Minato-Kushina JustACapharnaum lovelessdevotions  Minato-Kushina Octavia-Moon GeorgeXVII ximbixill Karuchna ErikShoemaker xthumbtakx brennenxr psoty FabledCreative Andorada LindArtz Malintra-Shadowmoon iingo Kida-neechan polipori Wild-Growth Astralseed lapis-lazuri LukasFractalizator Ero-Haru MuffinMyst FallenAngelGM

Also, want to know who the CV's are? Go here!

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Guys! According to my stats I have 100 deviations! *Probably including journals* But I'm still super happy!!

Here's the 100th deviation: No one is immortal by RAMWOC87

I want to thank everyone who watches me, It encourages me so much! So I want to give you guys a chance to win some points! :evillaugh:

The rules are simple:
1. Be a watcher of mine (You could always watch me :bademoticon: But only if you like my art, because it would suck if people just watched me for this)
2. Fav this journal so I can give you a random number! (If you don't, you won't count!)
3. Write something about pie in the comments


And that's all! One luck winner will get 50 points! Contest ends 11/14


Congrats to :iconsteffie: You are now the proud owner of 50 points!!

Thank you to all of my watchers who participated! I can't wait to hold more giveaways in the future!
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I was tagged by the very small child :iconarchive-of-giullio: *five-threeeeeee 5'3 very tiny*

1) How many tacos do you think you could fit in your mouth at once?
Hohohoho! That's a good question! One if I have to fit the entire thing in my mouth...but about 7 if the tacos can hang out!

2) On a scale of 10-10, how perfect would you rate Cillian Murphy?
Cillian Murphy is probably a 30 xD (I'm just saying that so you won't kill meh!!)

3) Have you seen the trailer for In the Heart of the Sea?
Yeah!! I have, and it looks MAGICAL! It's great to see how much Richie Cunningham has grown...Directing movies and stuff xD

4) Who's your favorite Avenger?
Captain America! He gets a huge boost for his "Son, just don't." Line :P

5) Zodiac sign?

6) Quick, what's the object directly to your left?
A headphone wire o-o

7) In elementary school, were you one of those kids that got all unnecessarily hyped about scented markers?
I've never had scented markers xD The ones I did smell though smelt terrible! Makes y' dizzy

8) Do you know who Josh Washing Machine is?
My hero Q~Q

9) Do you have a tumblr? Want to exchange URLs? Here you go ;P

10) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
So much wood, it's goooonna be epic! I'mma guess 87 chunks of wood on a good day

11) H0W D0 Y0U F33L 4B0UT P30PL3 WH0 TYP3 L1K3 TH1S? or maybe liike thii2 two ii gue22?
I'm calling a troll? Yeah, troll Tal63 

12) Is it obvious a lot of these questions are directed at Tal63 (I typed Emanation and was really confused when nothing came up. asdkjasdg why do you do these things to me, Tally-ho)

13) Did you know that Taurus signs are signficantly better at Mario Kart than Aquarius signs?
I didn't know, what's the big deal with signs? AM I MISSING SOMETHING?! WOULD MY LIFE BE BETTER WITH THEM!?


That was fun, now 13 questions and to tag some inactive accounts, some active accounts, some watchers, and some people I watch. You don't have to do this if you don't want to :XD: even though it's fun! And plus I hope I've caused some confusion, because that was the goal all along! Also if you come across this and want to do it, go for it!

1) Do you love T.Y. Hilton?
2) What's your opinion of Jay Cutler?
3) What's your favorite band
4) Do you find Shaq hilarious?
5) What's the last thing you've watched on Netflix?
6) Have any opinions on YouTube Red?
7) Favorite YouTube channel?
8) If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be?
9) It's a trap! There is quite possibly the best pie in the world in front of you, but if you eat it, you'll be sent down a chute to an unknown dimension...what do you do?
10) Do you know what a stonemilker is?
11) Are unicorns real?
12) Is Santa real?
13) Are you going to egg an house for Halloween?

Tagging: :iconaurora-bloodshard: :iconnekocutiesama: :iconfaithwalkers: :iconfaketearsdryfaster: :iconominako: :iconwaffledevourer: :iconramenlover16: :iconvaragka: :iconmirukawa: :iconvaleeharts: :iconangiemyst: :iconthe-port-of-riches:
:iconfaith-raven: :iconananonymousperson:

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I'm just too awesome to contain, and that's the truth. Proudly apart of the Zoom Smash Bros icon family.



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